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Dance every day to every style in any level.

With all the variety of classes we have and all the different levels, we know that you might want to try them all, dance as much as you can every day or whenever you feel like it.

Suave VIP Membership allows you to jump in any classes we have running at our studios without booking, just walk straight in!

All VIP members become better dancers without question! The commitment to practicing more hours in a week eventually with time creates the skills necessary to easily become a better dancer. We see it in all our VIP members how they all improve quickly.

Hip Hop Dancing Classes

Classes available at Suave are:






Belly Dancing.


Hip Hop.


All levels from Beginners to Advanced included!

You can choose from half a year or a full year of dancing with:

Silver Suave VIP Member. 6 Months

Only$797. More than 500 hours of classes

Gold Suave VIP Member. 12 Months

Only $1397. More than 1000 hours of classes

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You can also Freeze your Membership whenever you are away or need a break so you can get the full benefit of your Membership.

Minimum freeze is of one week and must be done in writing via email to

VIP Membership excludes Private Lessons, Parties and Performance Teams.

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