Salsa Dancing For Beginners

It is very common to be nervous for your first Salsa dancing lessons.

So here are a few helpful hints to make sure you feel a little bit more prepared when you are doing the Salsa dance steps in class.

Our Salsa dancing for beginners course is designed to take you from absolute no experience in dancing, to having a few salsa moves, dancing to the salsa music and doing it with a partner in just 8 weeks.

We make it fun and easy for you. So be optimistic and hopeful about achieving the necessary skills to dance Salsa.

There are no left footed people, only left footed Instructors!

Leave it up to us to get you having fun on the dance floor.

Salsa dancing for beginners tip

  • Wear something comfortable. Sandals or loose shoes are no good. Sneakers, heels and business shoes are ok for Salsa dancing.
  • Check out the map and location of the venue beforehand so you don’t get lost on the way.
  • Arrive a few minutes before your Salsa  dancing lesson to complete your registration.
  • Bring a smile with you. Salsa dancing is fun and interaction with other people will occur.
  • Be prepared to meet new happy friendly people. Salsa dance lessons generate joy and excitement.
  • Instructors will breakdown Salsa dancing steps slowly and repeatedly.
  • Salsa dance steps will be revised for you later on so you can remember and reinforce your dancing skills.
  • If you are not sure how to do the step, ask the Instructor to repeat the step again for you.
  • Our Instructors are very patient and understanding; do not be shy to ask for help. We pride  ourselves in you being able to do the salsa dance steps properly.
  • Ask for your Salsa dancing DVD at reception which will help you see all the salsa dancing steps we will cover in the course.
  • And most important, have fun, in that way you will also learn faster.

See you in our Salsa dancing lesson!