Wedding Dance Lessons

If you are after a Bridal dance at your wedding and would like to prepare something special or something different, then let us help you.


Wedding Dance Lessons

Congratulations on your engagement!

We understand this is an important and special moment in your life.

In these Lessons we can go over your choice of music and editing, type of dance style you like to do, the style of choreography you are after: like romantic, elegant, energetic, passionate, slow, fast or funny.

We can also let you know the typical mistakes that happen in a Wedding Dance so you can avoid these and not look like a complete beginner dancer on the dance floor.

Regardless of your experience in dancing we can make you look like you know what you are doing for your Wedding Dance.

If you feel that we can help you and you would like to continue, then we can arrange the package of lessons suited for you to start your tailored choreography for your wedding dance.

Book Your Wedding Private Lessons Now!

Just Purchase the Wedding Introductory Lesson at the Online Store and the we can book an appointment for you at our studio located at 70 Mary St, Surry Hills. Close to Central station.

Give us a call on 1300 724 442 if you need more information or any help at all.


There are a few factors that you need to consider before starting.

First, know that the more time you have to prepare, the better quality and less stress you will have in getting ready.

Second, each person has an individual pace of learning. To learn properly and to be able to remember it, it’s best to go at your own pace, instead of rushing.

Third, you need to remember the choreography on the night even while you are nervous or if you blank out. For that you need to build muscle memory, which requires repetition. That means lots of practice before hand in a relaxed way.

When selecting a song, things to have in mind are:

What is the effect you want on your audience, wow factor, romance, funny, elegant, formal, easy going? Having this in mind allows you to select much better what type of song you should use.

  • Do I want a fast, slow or medium pace song.
  • Do you want a lift, dip or some form of aerial trick?
  • Do you need to have special considerations you should make depending on the type of wedding dress of the night?
  • Will you have a change of clothes or not for the dance?

We prepare you in such a way that on your wedding night, once the music starts, you will know exactly what to do. Your body will automatically start moving whether you can remember or not the moves as you will have been properly prepared for the bridal dance.


It is important to have a minimum amount of wedding dance lessons to ensure a certain standard of quality for your wedding dance.

  • If you are after something very simple then we always suggest minimum around 10 private lessons.
  • If you are after a little more than just a simple choreography, then around 15 lessons can get you there.
  • For more complicated and elaborate dances, we usually recommend from 20 lessons upwards depending on how good you want it to look.

At Salsa Suave we truly care about the people who come to learn from us. Our prices are the same as the normal tuition for any type of dancing. Check out our Wedding Private lesson Packages we have discounted for you:

Silver Package of 10 Lessons $780

Gold Package of 15 Lessons $1,140

Platinum Package of 20 Lessons $1,520

There a hundreds of little details that make a bridal dance look much better than just showing up on the night and moving side to side.

Even though this might be very traditional, if you are after maybe a little bit more, then we can help you to gain a vast experience in a short period of time to create a memorable dance for you and your close ones, where the preparation will show in the quality of your performance on the night.

Give us a call on 1300 724 442 or send us an email on and we will answer any questions you need to ask to help you out on a perfect wedding dance.